Pakistani politicians, experts condemn US move to withdraw nuclear deal with Iran



Tehran, May 9 (TNS): Pakistani politicians and experts condemned US move to withdraw nuclear deal with Iran, Iranian state-run media reported on Wednesday.

Member of the National Assembly from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Shireen Mazari in her tweet message said: ‘Shameful how Trump negates all international norms and withdraws the US from the multilateral Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA).’

“Today the US stands as a rogue state defying international law and international treaties! Sad to see Kingdom of Saudi Arabia support this move as it will only destabilise region and the Muslim World,” she said.

Mazari said actually the Trump move is a US violation of an International Treaty – a legal instrument – and it signals that under Trump no US international legal commitment remains credible.

Former foreign minister of Pakistan Khawaja Muhammad Asif tweeted: ‘If a super power and world leader is not going to keep its words and unilaterally repudiate commitments and agreements then sanctity of international norms and order is gone.

He said President Trump’s announcement is a setback to America’s prestige and credibility..bad omen for world peace.

Expressing his views, senior analyst Lt. Gen. Rtd. Talat Masood said internationally, America’s withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal will convey a message that agreements do not have any importance in international relations.

“Since his election, US President Trump had been taking such aggressive steps. US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal is not a positive step and its results will be adverse,” he said.

Pakistan expert added basically Trump’s prejudice and narrative was quite clear that he will choose this option.

“On the other hand, Iran was following this agreement one hundred percent. Zionist lobby has played an important role in this matter. All mature leaders of the international community are opposing Trump’s decision,” he said.

Analyst Abdullah Gul was of the view that Trump’s decision of withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal came for the appeasement of the Zionist Regime.

“Iran was progressing economically after this agreement. American business community and investors were also traveling to Iran for investments. Now President Trump’s decision has provided Iran a lot of freedom. France, Germany and United Kingdom have also disliked this decision,” he noted.

Courtesy: IRNA