RAW, NDS plot to target PTM rallies to malign security agencies, push Pakistan into bloody civil war, cracked


ISLAMABAD, May 13 (TNS): Pakistani Security agencies have learnt about Indian and Afghan design to push Pakistan on civil war besides maligning ISI and other security agencies by targeting Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) rallies with suicide boomers.

The input circulated to concerning authorities about the malicious

In a precautionary message concerning authorities after intercepting the inputs about malicious plot Intelligence agencies have said that “It has been learnt that intelligence agencies especially NDS & RAW have planned to target the gatherings (jalsas) of PTM by suicide bombers/IED blasts.

The design/moto behind the plot is to make this movement a Bloody Movement and to blame ISI and other Pakistani security/Intelligence Agencies in near future and with this to pave the way to put Pakistan on the track of bloody civil war.

Target may be Manzoor Pashteen and senior Leadership of PTM. Intelligence input said.