FIR lodged against FIA officials for molesting Afghan girls at BBIA


Islamabad, July 6 (TNS): After TNS published a report about molestation incident last week, police, on Thursday, finally lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against FIA officials for mishandling with young Afghan girls at Benazir Bhutto Airport (BBIA) Islamabad.

FIR was registered on Tuesday in Police Station within BBIA jurisdiction.
Two young Afghan female passengers, in FIR, complained for being physically abused at Airport.

According to the complaint, FIA officials mishandled two young ladies came from Afghanistan having passport numbers O1882976 and O1882975.
The incident took place when these ladies presented their travel documents for immigration clearance.

Shift Incharge, at arrival counter, took the both ladies to the office of his senior official where official cleared documents of one lady while the second lady was stopped for further checking.

Later on, the lady came out from office room crying loudly and alleged that the officer tried to molest her.

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