TNS exposes handling of govt’s Cyber-crimes as a page openly exploiting young female models


خبر اردو میں پڑھیں

Islamabad, July 8 (TNS): A big question mark on ministry of Interior which takes immediate action against people who give anti-government remarks on social media but under its nose a facebook page “HAK Productions” has been involved in exploiting young women in twin cities by making porn-type videos and pictures of them.

HAK Productions” is based at Bahria Town Islamabad and has production offices at several places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This production house is owned by Hammad Raza and managed by Faisal which offers handsome money to young women and female students of different universities and colleges in the twin cities to make them involve in vulgarity and untoward activities.

The page contains semi-naked and porn-type pictures and videos of these young male and female models.

When TNS contacted Faisal, manager of “HAK Productions” on his mobile no. 03317444557, he told that Hammad Raza runs this page and the purpose of their production house is to introduce modern ways of modeling.

Faisal said that they do not produce porn video and pictures for their page; however, he defended such semi-nude stuff – available on the ‘HAK-Productions’ page – as demand of modern era.

He further said that these videos are made to re-shoot famous songs on demand and request of their valuable costumers.

These videos and pictures are available with TNS, however, could not be published due to vulgar, unethical and immoral content.

A victim, named Saira, told TNS that this production house attract female students and young women through advertisement on social media and trapped them by offering modeling against smart package but later on involved them in pornography.

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