Sania Mirza trolled on eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day



New Delhi, Aug. 14 (TNS): Indian tennis player Sania Mirza was recently trolled by a follower over Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Mirza is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and the two are currently expecting their first child. Mirza was questioned on the celebrations by one of her followers. The follower tweeted, “Happy Independence Day Sania Mirza. Aapka Independence Day aaj hai na? (Your country’s Independence Day is today, right?)

In a reply to a tweet that has now been deleted, Sania wrote, “Jee nahi. Mera aur meri country ka Independence Day kal hai. Mere husband aur unnki country ka aaj. Hope your confusion is cleared. Wese aapka kab hai? You seem very confused. (No. My country and I will celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. However, my husband and his country celebrate it today. But when is yours?”

This is not the first time Sania has received hateful comments from Twitterati. However, the mommy-to-be has often gotten back to her haters, clearing her stance.