Pakistan displays exhibition stall on “Atoms for Sustainable Development” in Vienna


Islamabad, Sep 19 (TNS): Pakistan has displayed an exhibition stall on “Atoms for Sustainable Development” as a side-event of the ongoing 63rd General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. According to a statement issued by Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal, the exhibition showcased the work Pakistan has undertaken in peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

Speaking in the conference, the Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission highlighted that eighteen PAEC cancer hospitals in Pakistan are providing facilities in nuclear medicine to nearly one million patients annually and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals-3 on ‘good health and wellbeing.

The Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission said for provision of ‘affordable and clean energy’, five nuclear power plants are currently operational in the country and two more are under construction.

He said the PAEC is also contributing to the goals of ‘quality education and industry, innovation and infrastructure through promoting research and development in several training institutes.

Dr. Muhammad Faisal said Pakistan stands ready to further strengthen its partnership with the IAEA including through contributing to the Agency’s efforts to build capacity in other countries.