TNS is a group of professional and enthusiastic journalists those collect and disseminate the core realities behind the news and stories. TNS is emerging revolution in the field of print and electronic media news network to serve the Nation with the aim and determination to built and lead the society for better progressive future. We believe and cultivate the norms and trends of new generation by transmitting the news through SMS, Video Clips and Interviews. Our reach makes us unique by engaging millions of people nationwide and beyond the borders, on their electronic devices. TNS is the first service of its kind who is publishing news along with its vast reach to grass route level.


Times International News Service (TNS), is an independent platform for the collation, evaluation, production and distribution of news, related to the happenings and its possible effects. TNS World with its team of professionals with highly skilled journalism background is committed to publish and broadcast the content as per National and international laws and ethics.

TNS news agency is creating new concepts of journalism for the readers so they can establish their opinions on true facts, by offering its news services through, SMS, video clips, exclusive interviews and producing executive summary of best articles along with research papers. TNS believes that giving readers the right picture and in depth analysis of a story is the power of any society or Nation.

Linguistic, cultural and ideological diversity of our society needed to be addressed not only with grate care rather with the wisdom. Its imperative to do the perception management of the nation while its progressing in such a complex environment. In this regard along with the media lots of responsibility rest on our political elite and on our judicial functionaries. These two institutions of the state can turn the diversities from weakness to our power.

Professionals panelists of TNS, having eye on all on going geo-strategic choreography which is one way or the other effecting Pakistan and its regional importance, to provide analysis and news to the concerned medias houses and political hierarchy for batter policy options and decisions. For all internal affairs our panelists consciously evaluating every development, of events and decisions to produce the best angle in the larger interest of our nation.

One division of TNS is totally committed for the freedom of expression, human rights, justice for all, social-democratic & constitutional rights, citizen’s responsibilities, and protection of social rights of the journalists in accordance with international laws and jurisdiction. TNS is also representing well known international forums of journalist to create the cohesive environment to enhance the capabilities of local journalists and to create soft image of Pakistan.

The vision of TNS chairman is to create integrated approach among the print, electronic media and the state, for better awareness of masses and to protect the citizens right thus making the society a progressive one. He is also looking for better out reach to the grassroots level and across the borders to protect the National Interests of the Pakistan. His long standing carrier and expertise in the media industry, is making him to persue the assimilated approach for internal and external affairs of the state for which the role of media is vital hence TNS is coming up with the objective to cultivate and strengthen the role of media for Nation Building.

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