A big scam of mega corruption surfaces in FGEHF


Islamabad October 12 (TNS): A mega scandal of fraud, bribery and misconduct surfaced in Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) however some property dealers and lower rank officials are being made scapegoat to save big crooks.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has filed cases against some property dealers and two low-level FGEHF officials but TNS has learnt that it is a bigger scam as higher officials including top officers of FGEHF and of other departments also involved in this mega corruption.

According to case filed by the FIA’s Anti-Corruption Circle, some property dealers of Islamabad, along with some employees of the Housing Foundation, consisted of 12 senior officers of various government departments including Mohammad Shafiq, Mohammad Akram, Mohammad Arif, Arshad Ahmad, Abdul Razaq, Malik Rasheed Ahmad, Asghar Ali, Hafiz Mohammad Ajmal, Muhammad Anwar, Javed Arshad, Mohammad Akram and Mohammad Yusuf have made millions of rupees by tempering and committing forgery in 12 FGEHF registration forms.
According to the FIR, it has been stated that the property dealers named Mohammad Naeem Khan, Masood Kayni and Ansar Ijaz tempered forms for plots in F-14 / F-15 Phase-II with help of Asim Amir, Assistant Manager of the Department of Information Technology (FGEHF).
According to the FIR, FGEHF officials received gifts and other valuables worth Rs. 6 million from the property dealer as a reward.
Beside Assistant Manager of FGEHF and property dealers, a Naib-Qasid (peon) named Zafar Mahmood, also nominated in FIR as there are substantial evidence available in the form of documents and digital content.
FIA officials say when needed, FGEHF’s former director, Mohammad Arshad Chuhan and other relevant people will also be summoned for investigation.
TNS has learnt that top officials of FGEHF and key officers of other departments were involved in this scandal while few property dealers and low-level officials of FGEHF are being made scapegoats to save real culprits.
Sources say that the FIA’s FIR does not meet the legal requirements as IT’s Assistant Manager and a peon were nominated in scandal which raises questions mark on investigation.
It was also big question mark how it was possible to tamper documents by the IT Assistant Manager without the signature of higher officials.