A gang with fake UN identity cards loots people at BBIAP


Islamabad, June 6 (TNS): A gang with fake identity of UN officials found active at Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad.

A responsible person, on condition of anonymity, told TNS that a man, possibly gang leader, introduced himself as Dr. Abdul Aleem on social media by using UK phone no. +44783387769.

A person who showing himself Dr. Aleem that he reached Islamabad via flight no. 614 with USD 0.5 million, when he arrived at FIA counter, an official sought a bribe of 500,000 rupees for letting him go with foreign currency.

The suspected man also claimed to be an employee of UN and asked him to send this amount in Account no.00100613610012 to pay to FIA official as bribe.

Dr. Aleem promised to return this amount after leaving airport and also offered him a precious gift.

Source said when this information was scrutinized, it was revealed that there was no passenger with this name (Dr. Abdul Aleem) arrived Islamabad via fight no. 614.

It also revealed that the suspected man hold a fake UN identity card and he was not carrying USD 0.5 million or had been sought a bribe by any FIA official.

Sources told TNS that this gang is active at Islamabad airport to loot gentlemen.

Sources added that not only ordinary people but top officials have also been fallen prey to this gang, however, law enforcement agencies trying hard to bring this gang to book.