A newer version of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ released


KARACHI Aug 8 (TNS): ‘Dil, Dil Pakistan’, a newer version was released yesterday in Karachi.

Performing at the Karachi Press Club, with lead vocals by Mohsin Khan and musical interlude by the ‘Nite People’ band, is basically the same on lyrics. Only the musical interlude has been reworked.

‘The lyric has been left totally unaltered’, said Mohsin. ‘Only the instrumental interlude has been changed and made more “lively” to appeal to the younger generation’.

Mohsin Khan has said the song was 30 years old and changes had to be made to win the present young generation over.  True, the instrumental interlude was much louder and quite a bit different from the original work which may be a strain on the nerves of the oldies but would appeal to the youngsters of today.

Mohsin Khan is accompanied by drummer Shafiullah; guitarists Zahid Hussain and Waseem Khurshid; and Ghiasuddin on the keyboard. The video has been made really winsome with shots of the gloriously beautiful snow-capped peaks and the azure lakes in Pakistan’s northern reaches.

Khan’s deep baritone makes the video really attractive. By profession, Khan is technical personnel in the aviation industry.

In a tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed, the original singer of the song, who perished in an air disaster on December 7 last year, Mohsin said, “This could be our best tribute to Junaid Jamshed. The video would make Jamshed live in the hearts of the younger generation.”