A political party hires services of foreign spy agencies: reveals Rehman Malik


London, August 3 (TNS): Senator Rehman Malik has revealed that one Pakistani political party has hired services of foreign spy agencies in the UK and Europe.

Speaking to press conference in London, former interior minister said that the purpose of recruiting foreign spy agencies is that we have lost faith on our institutions.

He further revealed that five major businessmen of Pakistan have also been involved in this conspiracy.

Malik said that if anyone has doubt, he can even tell the names of these three spy agencies.

PPP Senator said he would ask that particular political party what was the aim to hire foreign spy agencies and where they get funds from.

He added that in this Pakistan has been defamed by these elements and they can further damage the country.

Malik further reveal that a European country has kicked off criminal investigation into the matter.

He asked against whom services of these foreign spy agencies would be used.

He advised that no one should go so far in politics.

He said that the political party action would be used against our business community.