A private torture cell run by some erring cops of Islamabad police


ISLAMABAD, 24 April (TNS): A private torture cell run by some erring cops of so called disciplined Islamabad police has been busted about which the revelations, outcome of preliminary investigations, does send shivers down the spine. Torcher cell was meant to amass money from blackmailed people. Eight cops including an officer has so for been arrested.

According to the details 10 cops including ASI Haider Ali Shah of CIA center I/9 sector on 9th March raided in civvies on the house of a 25 year old citizen, Shehzad Ali in Muhalla Dhaki of Bari Iman. After beating inmates including women and looting 10 thousand of cash and a gold ring the cops dragged Shehzad out of his house and took him to the torture cell located in Malpora.

After beating Ali to the pulp the cops demanded his kin Rs 300,000 for his release which was settled 150000 after bargain. Alis brother Jawad Ali handed over Rs 36000 to ASI Haider Ali at a hotel in presence of a Bari Imam resident a retired police officer who actually works as a tout and deal settler for uniformed criminals.
Jawad on the other hand resorted to local court via lawyer the other day which in quick response send its bailiff to raid on the torture cell where from 8 cops of the gang have been arrested.
Lawyer of the victim of police terror, Raja Muhammad Akram has revealed that the uniformed gang had kidnapped another member of the same family two years ago and was released from their captivity only when a hefty sum was paid as a ransom.