A Tale of Corruption and Illegal Business of Malik Brothers of Lakki Marwat



ISLAMABAD, July 11 (TNS): Though the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has cleared the nomination papers of candidates of Jammiat Ulma-e-Islam FazlurRehman (JUI-F) in Lakki Marwat, complaints have been lodged with the ECP and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) about fraud and undeclared assets of  Malik Beradran by the constituents of the area.

As per the complaints lodged with these two institutions, the Malik brothers including Malik Noor Salim, former MPA, Malik Noor Aslam, Malik Imran, former MPA, Malik Noor Jalal and Malik Sikandar sons of Malik ZainulAbideen of  District Lakki Marwat, are known for their business in carriage and transportation of oil products and have been involved in fraudulent/illegal activities. They have misdeclared their assets, which run in billions.

Asking the ECP to disqualify the JUI-F candidates, the complainants have shared a brief summary of the business activities across the country, their properties, business outlets and other assets spread over various cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, DI Khan, Muzaffargarh and Lakki Marwat

They have questioned the fast spread of business of the candidates which was started by their father Malik ZainulAbideen from a Chappar Hotel at Azam Basti in Karachi in mid 70s, Malik Abideen, the complainant accused, was used to sell illegal arm and drugs in the mega city besides grabbing and occupying precious lands. Later, his sons and he joined petroleum transportation business with oil marketing companies particularly Shell Pakistan Limited. With a rapid speed the group has become billionaire owning Marwat Group of Companies.

Talking about wrong doings of this group, the complainants claim, as a contractor, the Malik Brothers have been getting payments on the same vouchers time and again from Shell Company. It used to be done with the connivance of some senior management employees of the oil marketing company, and senior officials of the Petroleum Ministry and its attached departments, who were used to receive their share from the embezzled money. The other fraudulent activities, as the complainants allege, were dumping /short measurement of petroleum products on large scale, adulteration of petroleum products, smuggling and drug trafficking, Kidnapping of persons and vehicles etc.

“This group has not declared their Income Tax according to their income. At present their empire includes Oil Tankers, Bungalows and Bank Balances. They are declaring a very small portion of their income in their annual tax returns. They are showing all their carriage contracts on commission basis whereas they are the real owners of these vehicles,” the complainants claimed.

They are of the view that over Rs 5 billion could easily be recovered in terms of government dues in case investigation are initiated regarding only the over 500 oil tankers, of which this group possess 90 percent ownership. They have demanded the ECP to disqualify candidates belonged to this group from contesting election 2018 on PK 92 (KPK).

They also shared number of Bungalows, houses, petrol pumps, commercial buildings, precious land, vehicles and others assets for investigation by other agencies including NAB.