Actor in Law’ to be screened in India



Mumbai, Aug. 8 (TNS): Pakistani blockbuster movie ‘Actor in Law’ starring Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa will be screened in Mumbai on August 10, Indian media reported on Wednesday.

The film which featured Om Puri in a prominent role and was one of his last films will be screened at Harkisan Mehta Institute in the late Bollywood actor’s honour.

While the movie released in Pakistan in 2016, its Indian premiere was postponed due to Puri’s sudden death in January 2017.

Actor in Law was also screened at a festival in Rajasthan earlier this year.

Interestingly, according to the film’s producer, Puri did not charge for the film.

Producer of ‘Actor in Law’, Fizza Ali Meerza shared, “This was only our second film and he said that he would have done it had it been produced by a big studio. Puri loved the script and did it on a friendly basis. On our part, we ensured that we hosted him well and he did the same for us when we visited India. There’s not a single day when we don’t think or speak of him.”