Afghan President invites Imran Khan to visit Kabul



Kabul, July 29 (TNS): President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday held a telephone conversation with Pakistan’s Prime Minister-elect Imran Khan and congratulated him on victory in elections.

The two leaders agreed to overcome the past and a new foundation for a prosperous political, social and economic future of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“I extended an open invitation to Mr. Khan and he expressed his wishes to visit Kabul soon,” President Ghani tweeted.

Afghan President said that Pakistan and Afghanistan share a history of common culture and added that cooperation in this regard should be enhanced.

Ghani said that cricket is a popular game in Afghanistan due to Imran Khan as he was a great cricketer of the world.

This comes as on Thursday, in his first speech after declaring victory, Khan talked about Pakistan’s relations with its neighbors including Afghanistan and India.

He said Afghanistan has suffered tremendously due to war and violence over the past few decades and that Pakistan is ready to cooperate in ensuring peace in the war-weary country.

“We want to work in every possible way to ensure peace in Afghanistan. I would love an open border system like the EU with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is that neighbor of ours that has seen the most human misery and damage in the name of wars. The people of Afghanistan need peace, and Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan,” he said.