After a vigorous push by the incumbent management, inquiries process in the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has now been speed up


Islamabad, July 11 (TNS): After a vigorous push by the incumbent management, inquiries process in the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has now been speed up. In this connection, proceedings of 11 more inquiries have been finalized and penalties have been imposed accordingly.

In the light of findings of the inquiries, different minor and major penalties have been imposed upon the employees found guilty while the officers / officials upon whom charges could not be established have been exonerated. These orders are issued in accordance with different clauses of CDA Employees Service Regulation, 1992 and after the approval of competent authorities.

In this connection, an inquiry conducted against Mr. Dilshad, EMO Estate Affectees and Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal Sub.Assistnat Estate Affectees on account of missing of page from plot file of sector I-10/1 has been finalized. According to the findings of the inquiry, allegations of negligence on the part established and it was recommended by the inquiry committee to impose major penalty of reduction to lower stage in time scale to Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal as co-accused Mr. Dilshad has already been retired from service before completion of inquiry proceedings.

Similarly, inquiry against Mr. Naveed Abbasi Sub-Assistant, DMA on account of fake permission letter / NOC of Counter Cabin has also been finalized. Inquiry committee has recommended imposing minor penalty of withholding of two increments for two (02) years.

Another inquiry conducted regarding disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Waseem Abbas has also been finalized. The inquiry committee has awarded minor penalty of stoppage of two increments for two years upon the accused official.

Another inquiry against Mr. Shahid Iqbal Supervisor Enforcement Directorate has been finalized. Inquiry has awarded minor penalty of censure upon the official.

Moreover, different officials and officers have been exonerated warned in the light of recommendations of inquiry committees / officers in fact finding inquiries.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier Chairman CDA has taken notice of hurdles, impediment and lethargic attitude of the Inquiry Officers which was ultimately affecting accountability process in the Authority. Chairman CDA had directed if inquiry officer did not complete the given assignment within time frame, strict disciplinary action be initiated against him and same be also reflected in his PERs. Since the directions issued, the process of finalization of inquiries has gained pace and inquiries are being concluded at fast pace.

CDA has reiterated that Present administration is trying to bring order in administrative proceedings in the Authority. Merit based disposal of administrative business will be order of the day in all spheres.