After two months consultative process, CDA has prepared draft proposal for relocation of schools


Islamabad, November 15 (TNS): After two months consultative process, CDA has prepared draft proposal for relocation of schools. In the draft report mechanism and criteria regarding shifting of schools from residential premises has been proposed.

Proposed recommendations would be submitted to Government for approval. The proposal has been drafted on basis of input and consultation from the representatives from stakeholder departments including Federal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education, Private Educational Institute Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Interior and CDA.

Committee has proposed that 55 sites which have been already allocated to private and government educational institutes, but they have still not utilized the allocated plots they will be directed for starting immediate construction of the schools, failing which, allocated plots would be cancelled. Recommendations have also been made that private housing societies would be also directed to immediately start construction on schools plots which are designated for schools.

Committee has also recommended that private schools would be also allowed in Zone 2, 4 and 5 on private lands. In this regard, by-laws have been formulated which have to be followed for construction of schools in these areas, authority will facilitate the managements of such schools in obtaining NOC and approval process.

The committee has further agreed that there is dire need of capacity building of the government institutes as they are occupying huge area/sites in the city, so that by construction of additional building and improving standard of education, students could be attracted and load could be shared.

Various sizes from 4 Kanal to 20 kanals will be offered in a transparent process to be presided by a committee comprising members from other ministries also. The report has calculated ratios of land utilization per student in private as well as governmentt sector. Proposal is to give 2 to 3 years to schools for relocation. Day care and Montessori category is also being proposed in every sector.

On approval the recommendations of the committee, authority will ensure availability of schools plots and will be disposed of in light of approved criteria /regulations.

It is pertinent to mention here that a criterion regarding allotment of school plots was formulated in 2002 but could not achieved desired results, therefore, an exercise was carried out for revisions and updation of criteria by making it more transparent and result oriented keeping in consideration the existing requirements. Therefore, input from all stakeholders was obtained, compiled and a consolidated criteria has been proposed. It has been ensured that no untitled person or institute would be allowed to participate in the next scheme.

The new policy / mechanism will help end operation of schools in the residential premises in the city.