Ahsan says anchor’s fabricated news was bid to defame govt


Islamabad, Jan. 26 (TNS): Lashing out at ‘factories’ of fake news, Minister of Interior, Ahsan Iqbal on Friday stated that a spin-off story of TV anchor Shahid Masood regarding alleged bank accounts of accused murderer in Zainab’s case is an attempt to belittle the efforts of government.

The minister said that media and Supreme Court fell for the fabricated story which should be a lesson for everyone to crosscheck what they run.

He also added saying that social media was being used as a tool to fabricate truth and create a new twist over Kasur rape case.

The minister further stated, “This proves how big of a tool of chaos and disruption social media is as it later turned out that the news run by an anchor, on which the Supreme Court also took notice, was entirely make-believe.”

“Make-believe, fictitious and false news stories will be spread by foreign agencies via social media,” he added.

“This is the election year and we have to make sure that there’s no chaos spread in Pakistan be fully aware of those who spread such propaganda.”

The Supreme Court, taking notice of Masood’s claims, on Thursday had ordered the Punjab police to probe into the TV anchor’s claims that Zainab’s alleged murderer is part of an international racket involved in child pornography and that he held more than 37 foreign currency accounts.