All records of Sharif family from 1980 have been provided to JIT: Chairman FBR


ISLAMABAD, June 24 (TNS): Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Dr. Muhammad Irshad said  that he had submitted all records pertaining to the Sharif family from 1980 till the present day to the Joint Investigation Team.

According to details, Dr. Muhammad Irshad said that he could not understand what record the Joint Investigation Team was referring to when it stated that the FBR had not submitted it.

“Whatever records the Joint Investigation Team asked for were given to them,” he said. “Nothing was hidden from the JIT,” he added.

The Chairman FBR said that as per law it was necessary to file the wealth statement every year.

In a hearing of the Panama Leaks implementation case, the Joint Investigation Team had complained to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that the FBR was not providing it with documents pertaining to certain key persons despite repeated requests.

The Joint Investigation Team has been tasked with probing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s alleged offshore wealth, which was brought to light in the Panama Leaks scandal.