Alliance with Washington is over after aid suspension: FM


ISLAMABAD, Jan 07 (TNS): Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said that Pakistan’s alliance with Washington is over after the Trump administration announced the suspension of US security-related aid to Pakistan.

In an interview to American media outlet, he said that the allies do not treat each other like Pakistan is being treated.

“We do not have any alliance with the US and this is no way to behave like this,” he said.

Asif went on to say that Pakistan made a major mistake by joining the US war on terror in Afghanistan in 2001, which led to backlash on Pakistan.

The US instead of recognizing Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism, is putting blames on Pakistan for its own failures in Afghanistan, he added.

The minister said that Pakistan is not in isolation after US announcement of aid suspension and there are other countries that could ally with Islamabad.