American comedian Jeremy McLellan criticizes, condemn Israeli brutalities in Gaza


NEW YORK, May 17 (TNS): American comedian  Jeremy McLellan has used his social media accounts to criticize and condemn Israeli brutalities in Gaza where over 50 people have been killed and thousands of others injured in the latest violence.

The casualties took place as the US opened its embassy in East Jerusalem 14, which it declares as its eternal capital, while Palestinians see the holy city as the capital of their future state.

Since then he has shared on social media pictures of Palestinian victims, calling the violence unleashed by the Jewish state as Israeli apartheid.

He also posted a picture of Fadi Abu Saleh, a disabled Palestinian killed by Israeli troops. He said the wheelchair-ridden protester in the picture is “shown standing up to Israeli apartheid”.

Mr McLellan also criticized his own country for blocking a call for an Independent inquiry into Gaza killings at the United Nations

“Of course the US blocked it. Can’t have the truth coming out,” he wrote with a link to a news story regarding US move.

He also lamented what he said silence of the world over the killing of 8- month old Leila Al-Ghandoor calling her “A victim of apartheid and state terrorism”.

For those who criticized the presence of a child in the protest, he said” black protesters here in the south did during the civil rights movement, and white supremacists said the same thing, blaming the victims for their own violence. Blame the people who did this.

The artist doesn’t trust the media when it comes to discussion of Israel-Palestine conflict.

On Tuesday, he shared a TV interview of Noura Erakat with CBS TV in which he thinks she destroyed the anchor’s pro-Israel talking points.

“This is what happens when the media allows ACTUAL Palestinian experts on to talk about Palestine,” he said.

Jeremy McLellan has in the past also condemned Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir and come under severe criticism from Indian hardliners.