Amid political uncertainty, PSX drops below 40,000 points


KARACHI Oct 4 (TNS): The Pakistan Stock Exchange continues its steep decline after a fall of over 1,200 points around 1pm on Wednesday, taking the KSE-100 index to below 40,000 points.

On Tuesday, a similar bearish trend was witnessed as the KSE-100 index closed below 41,500 after witnessing a negative change of 2.15 per cent.

The index lost 903 points during the day’s trading session with investors trading shares valuing more than Rs5.74 billion.

The market closed at 41,115 points, reaching a high of 42,043 points during the day’s trading.

Economist Mohammad Sohail said investors are wary of the political uncertainty in the country.

He said the fears of an institutional clash, are the main reasons for the recent decline in the market.