ANF seizes 2.511 tons narcotics worth Rs 9.882 billion in international market, 24 accused including 3 foreigners, 3 females arrested


RAWALPINDI, April 27(TNS): Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 2.511 tons narcotics worth Rs 9.882 billion in international market and arrested 24 accused including three foreigners and three females allegedly involved in drug smuggling and impounded seven vehicles while conducting 15 counter-narcotics strikes across the country.

According to ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised of 1634.6 kg Hashish, 589.1 kg Heroin, 257.1 Opium, 15 kg Morphine, 15 kg Methamphetamine and 830 grams Amphetamine. Most of the recovered drugs were intended to be smuggled abroad, he added.

ANF Quetta seized mega cache of drugs comprising 584 kg Heroin, 753 kg Morphine, 15 kg Methamphetamine and 1400 kg Hashish in two separate intelligence based operations conducted at mountainous belt of Mashkel near Pak-Iran border, District Washuk and an area of Shadi Kor, Tehsil Pasni, and District Gwader.

ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a car near Tarnol Interchange Rawalpindi and arrested two persons identified as Shahkareen resident of Charsadda and Alamzaib r/o Orakzai Agency along with 240 kg Opium and 108 kg Hashish concealed in secret cavities of the car.

In another operation, ANF Rawalpindi recovered four kg Hashish from personal possession of two arrested accused, identified as Muhammad Shahzad r/o Rawalpindi and Shazia Bano r/o Waziristan Agency.

In third operation, ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a car near Chungi No. 26 stop Islamabad and recovered 1.5 kg Opium and three kg Hashish. In fourth operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested Shafaat Khan r/o Upper Dir, recovering 830 grams Amphetamine at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad.

In fifth operation, ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a car opposite to Tandoori Restaurant G-8 Markaz Islamabad and recovered 600 grams Hashish and apprehended Syed Fawad Hashmi. In sixth operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested three accused namely Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Iqbal and Tasweer Akhtar r/o Kotli Azad Kashmir at Benazir Bhutto International Airport and recovered 159 Heroin filled capsules weighing 1.080 kg.

ANF Lahore arrested Amjad Hussain r/o Jhelum at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, travelling to Colombo and recovered 375 grams Opium. ANF Lahaore also recovered 9.8 kg Hashish from Salahuddin, 995 grams heroin from Nigerian National namely Chinedu Christian at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and three kg heroin by intercepting a UK bound parcel, being sent through a courier service company.

ANF Peshawar recovered 2.4 kg Hashish from a lady, Saiqa r/o Sawabi and Sher Zaman r/o Nowshera, travelling in a Taxi car near Motorway Toll Plaza, Peshawar. In another operation, ANF Peshawar recovered 15.6 kg opium and 80.4 kg hashish and arrested two persons, Nabeel Ahmed and Shabir Ahmed.

ANF Peshawar recovered two kg heroin from possession of two Afghan namely Khayal Wali and Muhammad Jan, 1.5 kg heroin from Sabir Shah arrested at Peshawar Intl airport, 1.2 kg hashish from Bilal, travelling on motorway, 4.8 kg hashish from Arslan Zabihullah rounded up near Yarak Toll Plaza Dera Ismail Khan, two kg heroin and two kg hashish from Muhammad Khan and Shahzaib netted near Jahangira Chowk, Nowshera.

ANF Karachi intercepting an Australia bound parcel booked from Quetta seized 800 grams heroin. In another operation, ANF Karachi intercepted two parcels at Cargo Complex Jinnah International Airport, Karachi booked from a courier company Karachi, being sent to UK and recovered 1.5 kg Heroin and 500 grams Heroin.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 while further investigations are underway.