Another oil tanker turns-turtle near Attock


Attock, July 2 (TNS): Another oil tanker crashed near Attock on Sunday causing leakage of thousands liters high-octane fuel.

The incident occurred on Khor road as speedy tanker took a steep curve, officials said.

The tanker was transporting around 50,000 liters of fuel, officials said, adding that no one was hurt in the incident.

Rescue teams, along with police reached the site after the driver informed authorities of the accident.

Police have set up a 500-metre perimeter around the crash site and are attempting to clear the wreckage carefully as oil is leaking from the tanker.

A day earlier, an oil tanker was skidded off the road near Nawabshah in Sindh, the tanker later caught fire, fortunately, on one hurt in Saturday incident.

Last Sunday, around over 150 people were burnt to death on spot and a large number injured with severe burn injuries as an overturned oil tanker exploded near Bahawalpur.

The death toll from the incident has now reached 199.