Ansarul Sharia’s chief reveals shocking secrets about terror group


Karachi, Sept 06 (TNS): Terror group Ansarul Sharia’s chief on Wednesday revealed that the newly formed outfit was involved in deadly attacks on police personnel, local media quoting sources reported.

Dr Abdullah Hashmi, chief of terror group, also revealed that he had sought al-Qaeda’s help for joint terror activities in Pakistan but Al-Qaeda refused to join them and advised them to operate their own.

The group had also planned attacks on Gulberg and Aziz Bhatti police checkpoints, Abdullah told investigators.

The arrested leader of Ansarul Sharia also disclosed that they were a network of 10 to 15 young educated men qualified from different universities of Karachi and were trained in Afghanistan. The group started operating since 2015.

According to the investigative sources, members of Ansarul Sharia wore an amulet in which they hid a memory card stored with important information. It is also said that the members would communicate using a certain mobile applications.

The attack on MQM-P’s leader took place on the first day of Eid, September 2. Although Izhar escaped unhurt, a passerby child and policeman were killed.