Anti-Democratic Stance: 6000 Civil-Military officials on the watch list of the government

ISLAMABAD, 17-June (TNS): The government has put over 6000 civil and military officials on the watch list for the last three years who had been making anti-democratic statement’s on social media and telephone, a senior government functionary without sharing his name revealed on Saturday.
The move also created a huge impact on the promotions of large number of civil servants in last four years who could not their promotion mainly because of Intelligence reports.
“A premier intelligence agency had been tasked with the target to pin point those officials who had taken an anti-democratic stance and must be kept under observation,” the official said.
“The list is long as thousands of civil officials were being wire tapped under the law to check their activities specially if its against the ‘state’ or the ‘democracy’,” noted a senior ranking police official privy to such developments.
According to few other sources the government could not do much against the military officials since their channel of promotion all such administrative and financial mechanism is completely separate from the civilian establishment however, a strict vigil is being kept on the military officials.
The sources said in the last few Central Selection Boards for promotion of civil officers  in higher grade each officer was marked cleared and not cleared by a civilian intelligence agency as per their tilt towards democracy, sitting political government and their connections with elements hostile too the government i.e. the Army.
Asked whether wiretapping was legal the sources said that two premier intelligence agencies working under the Prime Minister IB and ISI are designated intelligence agency to bug calls in the interest of the state.
Asked that whether wire tapping for the purpose of checking political background and democratic tilt was legal one senior official said that he has no comments to offer the best is approach the officials in the civilian agency for remarks.
It is worth noting that Prime Minister’s office, Interior Minister and kitchen cabinet of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in knowledge of this shady intelligence clearance mechanism ongoing to check civilian government officials besides keeping a watch on Army because of its history of removing civilian governments during the last seven decades.
Despite multiple attempts no version was given by the Prime Minister’s office on the said story. TNS welcomes any response from the civilian intelligence agency on the matter


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