Any misadventure by India to be responded with full force: CJCSC


RAWALPINDI, Oct 6 (TNS): Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), Gen Zubair Mahmud Hayat on Friday responded Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief’s nuclear bluster saying, “Let there be no doubt that any Indian strategic miscalculation or misadventure will be responded with such force, as necessary, to teach a lesson to the errant party”.

In a tweet message, Gen Hayat said ‘Pakistan has noted with deep concern the rash and irresponsible statement by IAF Chief regarding ‘targeting Pakistan Nuclear Weapons’.

“While to some it may be surprising that the senior most Indian active duty Air Force officer has made such a threat, which constitutes advert strategic escalation; to us in Pakistan it just reconfirms the current aggressive Indian strategic thought and behaviour, which has been dangerously emboldened by a ‘permissive’ environment.

“This Indian quest for force application against nuclear weapons and blinded focus on war in a fragile strategic environment is a real and tangible ‘alert call.’

“As a credible and responsible nuclear power, Pakistan rejectsthis Indian strategic posture,” he added.

The IAF Chief at a presser on Wednesday had said that if India needed to carry out surgical strike, his aircraft could target Pakistan’s nuclear installations and destroy them.