Artist fraternity terms Kasur Incident ‘heart-wrenching’, demands justice


KARACHI, Jan 11 (TNS): The artist fraternity in Pakistan came to the fore to protest against the brutal rape and murder of a seven-year-old Zainab in Kasur. Famous Pakistani actress and Mahira Khan, who is also a mother, was present along with other actors at the Karachi Press Club to speak against the issue of child abuse.

Mahira Khan called upon those in power to act and deliver justice not only to Zainab but all those before her as well. “Those that are sitting in power it is their responsibility to bring justice. It is their responsibility to not just find the man who did this to Zainab, but to all the other cases before that.”

Mahira stressed on the importance of creating awareness about abuse. “We have to find a long-term solution, which is that we need to talk about abuse, we have to not associate it with shame. We need to tell our children not to remain silent.”

According to the actress, there was a need to change the curriculum and for the government to have a budget in which abuse is discussed in schools. Mahira also announced to give free talks on the subject of child abuse.

Mahira added that films, books and pieces of art highlighting child abuse will be crucial in inducing a change in the attitude of people, helping the society fight the issue of child abuse.

The actress emphasised that it was important to convey the message to abusers that the power lies with us and not them.

Earlier, famous singer and social activist Shehzad Roy in a press conference demanded that the culprits behind the rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab should be given strictest punishment.

Roy, who presented Geo News’ programme ‘Chal Parha’ depicting the state of the government schools in Pakistan, called the incident in Kasur as heart-wrenching.