Attempt to abduct famous Geo journalist


ISLAMABAD, June 03 (TNS):  An FIR has been registered against unknown assailants in Police Station Shahzad Town for attempting to abduct Aizaz Syed, a famous journalist working with Geo TV.

The complainant, Aizaz Syed, filed an application showing FIR No. 97 of Ps shahzad town against the unknown attackers for ostensibly kidnapping him.

He maintained in the FIR that a Mehran car with four people including two bike riders intercepted him while he came out of his office in Blue Area. While going on the Park Road when he went a little ahead of the path leading towards CDA Enclave a red-colored Mehran car tried to intercept me in such a way that I hardly escaped accident.

He further stated that two men from the car tried to open the back door of my car so that they could get seated there but fortunately my car was locked. Another man who asked me to get out of the car was holding a black-colored pistol in his hand. And the man alighting from the bike was wearing mask.

Aizaz further said, “I soon realized that they intended to abduct me, therefore, realizing the gravity of the situation I drove my car quickly on the dirt road and reached Police Station Shahzad Town.

According to the complainant, the police should investigate the whole incident and bring the criminals to the task.