Author of ‘Game of Thrones’ saga, announces new book


Islamabad, April 26 (TNS): American novelist and author of the famous Game Of Thrones series George R.R. Martin announced a new book to be released in November, on Wednesday.

Although the fans may be disappointed to know that it’s not the highly-anticipated sixth instalment of the popular series.

R.R Martin stressed that it is not a novel, but rather a historical text setting out the history of Westeros’ Targaryen dynasty.”Fire and Blood” is in the same fantasy world set several centuries before “Game of Thrones”, the author explained on his blog.

Several passages from the latest book were published by the author six years ago. However, Publisher Bantam Spectra did not comment or respond to the upcoming release of the series.

The Game Of Thrones author did disappoint the fans a bit by suggesting that the sixth Game of Thrones book, “The Winds of Winter” would not be coming this year.

“No, winter is not coming… not in 2018, at least,” Martin said referring to the sixth instalment.

Martin published five books of the ” Game of Thrones” series between 1996 and 2011 and took a six years gap between the fourth and the fifth book.

Since the sixth season of the phenomenally popular television show based on the series, the writers have not directly relied on Martin’s books, producer HBO took many liberties with the original story in previous seasons.

The eighth and final season of the series is expected to be aired on Television in 2019.

The worldwide adored series has already grabbed a record 38 Emmy Awards and many other accolades.