Banned Hizbut Tehrir distributes pamphlets in Lahore


Lahore April 7 (TNS): The banned Hizbut Tehrir has distributed pamphlets in various parts of Lahore, demanding to send Pakistan army to Afghanistan to salvage their brethren, who have suffered after a NATO forces’ airstrike on a seminary in Kunduz earlier this week.

The pamphlets, which contain invectives and diatribes against the United Nations, the United States and its “puppet regime” regime in Kabul, put a question mark on the much-touted National Action Plan, which claims to take indiscriminate action against organizations and outfits fanning terrorism and extremism.

The pamphlets have urged the Muslims to exhibit unity in their rank and file and launch a decisive war against the “imperialist forces”.

The pamphlets have claimed that liquor, pork meat and arms were being supplied to Afghanistan by the NATO and the US forces to destroy the Islamic society of the neighbouring country. The banned outfit has urged that the might Pakistani forces should be dispatched to Afghanistan to “rout the occupying forces”.