Biden leads Trump by 12 points in new national poll


NEW YORK, Sep 09 (TNS):Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads US President Donald Trump by 12 points nationally among likely U.S. voters, according to a new poll.
The Reuters-Ipsos poll found that 52 percent of likely voters plan to cast their ballots for Biden in the November 03 presidential election, compared to 40 percent who plan to vote for Trump.

Three percent said they would vote for another candidate, and just 5 percent said they are undecided with fewer than 60 days until the November 03 election.

The survey showed the percentage of voters who have not yet backed a major-party candidate to be less than half of what it was at this point in 2016.

Biden’s lead is so substantial that he would still win the popular vote even if the remaining undecided voters threw their support behind Trump, the survey noted.

However, Trump could still win reelection through the Electoral College like he did four years ago against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — a fear leaving Democratic Party activists and operatives with a looming sense of deja vu.

This is the first time the Reuters-Ipsos poll measured support for the 2020 candidates among likely voters.

When measured by registered voters who include those less likely to vote, Biden leads Trump by 8 points.

The September 03-08 poll was conducted online among 823 likely voters, including 390 who identified as Democrats and 351 who identified as Republicans. The survey has a margin of error of roughly 4 percentage points.