Bloomberg terms Indian move of annexation of Occupied Kashmir shocking decision


Srinagar, Aug 09 (TNS): The editorial board of prominent American news service, Bloomberg has termed Indian decision of annexation of occupied Kashmir a shocking decision.

Pointing out Kashmiri people’s grievances under the Indian rule, it said that Bharatiya Janata Party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at eliminating a Muslim-majority state rather than celebrating a Muslim-majority state.

The editorial said that BJP revoked Article 370 of the Constitution with no warning which granted Kashmir a degree of autonomy.

The editorial further emphasized that India needs to devise a strategy to engage with Pakistan, commercially and diplomatically as changing Kashmir’s status would not do anything to ease tensions with Pakistan.

It said that most of the special privileges provided to the Jammu and Kashmir state on paper had long been whittled away in practice.

It pointed out that private investment in occupied Kashmir is very low in volume and unemployment stands at high.

It said that forcibly imposing the central government’s will over the people of held territory will only intensify the grievances of Kashmiris.

It suggested that the only way to relieve such pressure is to give people as more control over local resources and Modi government is heading in the opposite direction in Kashmir.