Bloomberg urges India to positively respond to Pakistan’s offer of talks for regional peace


USA, March 11 (TNS): The prominent American news service, Bloomberg, has urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to positively respond to his Pakistani counterpart’s offer of talks, to promote peace in the region.

In its editorial, the Bloomberg warned against the danger of events spiraling out of control.

It said this risk is heightened not by India’s strength but by its weakness, which arises from the country’s political and sectarian divides.

Noting that Islamabad has promised to crackdown on extremist groups, the editorial said Indian belligerence makes it harder for Pakistani moderates to argue for cross-border compromise or to rein in the extremist groups.

The editorial said Modi should recognize that Kashmiris feel alienated and that many of their complaints are legitimate.

It said India’s security presence in the state is oppressive and it ignores the resulting frustrations which can breed more suicide bombers as well as cost India some of the goodwill it has earned around the world.