Calmness replaces enrage after Rangers took over hotspot Faizabad and suburbs


ISLAMABAD, Nov 26 (TNS): Enrage, that proved to be instrumental in death and destruction on Saturday has been replaced by calmness after rangers took over faizbabad intersection and suburbs.

Rangers took control of the sit-in area on Sunday evening as Police and Frontier Constabulary have been taken back and re positioned at I-8 Markaz. Rangers have cordoned off the IJP Road, Expressway, Murree Road and the Faisal Avenue. The protesters at the moment are gathered at the sit-in site. There is no traffic movement in the area of I-8 and Faizabad.

In the meanwhile Nimaz e Janaza of an activist was offered at protesting venue that was killed during clashes with govt forces on Saturday.

Peaceful conditions started to prevail in Islamabad and Rawalpindi following yesterday’s bitterly failed police operation against protestors who have blocked Faizabad Intersection for the last three weeks. The operation was carried out under the direction of Islamabad High Court which gave deadline to the Government to get the area vacated from protestors.

On the other hand Director General Rangers Punjab Major General Azhar Naveed Hayat Khan has been appointed as overall incharge of the operation to handle the sit-in organized by activists of a religious party at Faizabad Interchange and in some other areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

A notification to this effect has been issued by Interior Ministry. The DG Rangers has been given the charge till 3rd of next month.