Capital Police’s security Concrete blocks claim lives of two bikers


ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (TNS): Two people died when two heavy bikes bumped into concrete barriers here Thursday-Friday midnight.

Police said that two over speeding heavy bikes with speed of over 200 km/h rammed into concrete blocks placed on Jinnah Avenue in the federal capital.

Two people died in the accident and their bodies were moved to hospital for postmortem.

Police said that the blocks were placed recently for security check and as  it was dark, the bikers were racing which resulted in the accident.

It is worth mentioning that concrete blocks are placed on almost every road of Islamabad despite declaring it a safe city after installation of cameras on major roads. The security check posts at Aabpara are particularly a source of nuisance for the commuters who are forced to cross them in a single lane against six lane road.  What is more astonishing is that the cops deployed there are often seen in taking tea or indulging in gup shup instead of keeping an eye on the traffic.