Carpet exporters call for stakeholders’ meet to boost exports


LAHORE Sept 10 (TNS):  The Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association Sunday urged the government to call a meeting of all stakeholders to explore ways for increasing exports.

The association in a meeting welcomed the recent announcement by the gov’t to boost exports and insisted that the gov’t should evolve a consensus to adopt a national policy with consultations of the exporters. The meeting reviewed problems and difficulties of the carpet industry, a statement said.

Senior Vice President of the Association Riaz Ahmed said there is a need to implement the decisions on exports as only announcements will not work. He said the gov’t will not achieve anything unless the problems of the manufacturers and exporters are solved.

Ahmed advised the gov’t to review the present exports policy in the context of the current environment and study the policies of the countries, who have enhanced exports, adding the gov’t must take benefit of the experiences of other countries with high exports.

He said Pakistani manufacturers are out of competition in the international markets due to highest production cost. The commerce ministry should not only reduce the production cost but give facilities and incentives to the exporters like other countries, he said. This will enable the exporters to compete with India and other countries, Ahmed added.

He said carpet association has prepared comprehensive proposals to boost exports and will share with the gov’t. He said the gov’t should convene an all parties meeting of all stakeholders to prepare a national policy to promote exporters.