CDA’s mega anti encroachment operation at Bari Imam vicinity


570 illegal construction and encroachments demolished / removed and retrieved state land from encroachers & sealed the Save Mart Shopping Mall on violations of building bye-laws

Islamabad: October 10 (TNS): Capital Development Authority (CDA) conducted a mega anti encroachment operation against illegal construction and encroachments on the state land in the vicinity of Bari Imam on Thursday, demolished 570 shops, sheds, ovens (Tandoor).

The operation was conducted by Enforcement Directorate of CDA while assistance provided by the District Administration and ICT Police. During anti encroachment operation, started from Muslim Colony Road towards University and utilized the heavy machinery for demolishing / removing of illegal constructions and encroachments. Furthermore, during the operation, staff of Enforcement Directorate, CDA demolished shops which were constructed adjacent to the wall of Bari Imam Shrine while removed / demolished encroachments on state land from the Bari Iman Bazaar.

During another operation conducted for the removal of encroachments. Teams of Enforcement Directorate, removed the encroachments from the both sides of the roads and pathways from University to Mohallah Jajaar in the area of Bari Imam.

During the anti encroachment operation, 230 illegal shops, 315 sheds and 25 ovens (Tandoor) were removed from the valued state land and retrieved possession from the encroachers.

It is pertinent to mention here that removal of these illegal constructions and encroachments were not only causing of trouble for pedestrians as well as devotees who visit the Darbar Hazrat Bari Imam but also creating hindrance for the smooth traffic flow.

During another operation today, Building Control Section-I, CDA has sealed the Save Mart Shopping Mall situated in G-6 on violation of Building bye-laws / Regulations.

Anti Encroachment Drive in the city for removal / demolish of illegal constructions and encroachments on the state land will remain continue against the encroachers / violators.