CJP calls for introspection


Quetta April 11 (TNS): Chie Justice Mia Saqib Nisar has called upon judges of lower courts, civil courts, high courts and superior courts to put their own house in order and deliver prompt justice.

“We are the most privileged class of the society. We are on the top in terms of salaries and other perks and privileges. How the taxpayers bear our expenses, we have to justify on being in the driving seat of justice. The judge will have to pledge that they will deliver justice will new vigour. The society look up to you for promt justice,” the top judge said while addressing an event in Quetta on Wednesday.

The chief justice said that though the government has not facilitated the judiciary in terms of manpower and other related capabilities, “it doesn’t mean that we stop working or show lethargy towards delivering justice”.

The chief justice also urged the judges and magistrates to read more and more and adjudicate matters on merit and according to the law and if there remained any lacuna, the superior courts will have to intervene and strike down judgments replete with flaws.

He urged the judges to be extra careful in dispensing justice and judges must exhibit fairness, evenhandedness and fair-mindedness and deliver prompt justice.

He said that any society could collapse if its judiciary was corrupt and incompetent.

He said that cases remain pending for years and people will have to wait for 30 to 40 years to get justice. “Who is responsible, I am responsible, you as judges of the high courts and lower courts are responsible. We have to look inwardly and dispense justice promptly,” he said urging the judges to show urgency and expedite adjudication of cases.