CJP could not deliver justice to layman says Ijaz ul Haq


Islamabad, Apr 10 (TNS): The Chairman of Pakistan Muslim League Z (PML-Z) Ijaz ul  Haq has said that Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) has visited hospitals, colleges and taken suo moto action on several cases but could not deliver the justice to the layman.

He said Chief Justice has reduced college fees and started cleanliness campaign in the hospitals but did not provide justice to common men who have been suffering from last 70 years in the lower courts and high courts. He said former military dictator Pervez Musharraf has generated NRO to conceal the corruption of politicians who have misappropriated the money and stowed in Swiss Accounts.

He said Musharraf has also given immunity to Saray Mehal which was a mega corruption. He said the politicians have transferred trillions of money to abroad after making corruption and even their heirs do not know about the money pendent in foreign accounts. He requested the Chief Justice to reopen NRO and make a depth investigation to bring money back.