CJP orders to transfer Memon to Punjab jail



ISLAMABAD, Sept. 4 (TNS): The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday decided to transfer Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sharjeel Memon to a prison in Punjab.

Commenting on his earlier visit to Sharjeel’s hospital room, Justice Nisar said it was the first that he saw a sub-jail which was better than most suites in a hotel.  “I had visited the jail he was staying in before, I had to check the sub-jail now,” the CJP added.

“Whether someone consumed alcohol or not, I found the bottles, and some people sealed the bottles which somehow then contained olive oil and honey.”

Justice Nisar added that as the provincial government is not cooperating, Sharjeel will be transferred to Punjab and further remarked that judges should not worry as the Constitution grants them “immense power” to enforce judgements.

On Monday, a medical report found no trace of alcohol in Sharjeel’s bloodstream. The test was carried out after bottles of liquor were allegedly been found in a hospital room where the incarcerated PPP leader had been shifted for medical treatment.