Co-curriculum activities are vital for students’ growth: President MAJU


Formation of students’ societies finalized

KARACHI Sept 27 (TNS):  President, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, (MAJU) Karachi Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaikh said that co-curriculum activities are vital to continue educational activities which help us to prepare students for leadership by providing chances to show their talents in a free and fair environment.

This he stated while he was presiding over a meeting of faculty members which was called for the formation of students societies at university campus.

He asked the faculty members to highlight the significance and vision of co- curriculum activities upon students which provide an exposure to them to show their hidden talents. He also asked the faculty members to include the students in a society in which he may show his full skill on the basis of his past experience and his ability in the field of his interest.

He hoped that our students will prepare and present the programs at their own within available resources here rather than taking help of outside organizations or MAJU alumni.

On this occasion the participants of the meeting decided for the formation of Computing, Engineering, Biosciences, Business, Sports, Art & literature, Entertainment, Sports, Social Welfare, Media and Personality Development societies for semester Fall-2017 and selected mentors.

Dr. Zubair Shaikh emphasized that while presenting students societies programs, unity, patriotism and national development & prosperity emotions be foxed. He also asked to avoid any kind linguistic, regional and sectarian exploitation and to discourage useless traditions from the society.