Construction of Dams an unassailable challenge for the new regime: Zafar



Islamabad, August 6 (TNS): Caretaker Information and Broadcasting Minister Barrister Syed Ali Zafar said on Monday that the water crisis in the country is a reality and the whole nation will now have to stay united to overcome it.

In a media talk, Barrister Ali Zafar said that Indus Water Treaty was signed in 1960 with India and admitted that Kala Bagh Dam should have been constructed a long time ago, however the four provinces could not come up with a consensus on the matter.

He further said that, “It is a possibility that misunderstanding between the provinces was caused by external forces, but then again why weren’t other dams constructed in the meantime??”

The Information Minister said that according to the treaty 3 eastern rivers are in control of Indian territory.

“Unfortunately we constructed only two dams since the treaty was signed, Mangla and Tarbela and even those two dams don’t possess sufficient capacity” said Zafar.

“Construction of dams will be an unassailable challenge for the new government” , he said.


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