Court appearance: Nehal Hashmi threatens to expose ‘real contemptors’


Islamabad June (TNS): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Nehal Hashi, who appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday in a contempt case, warned that he will expose the “real contemptors of courts” once he submits his reply to the court on June 16.

Talking to the media outside the Supreme Court, Nehal Hashmi said that his detractors and the media presented his speech out of context to malign him. He said that he never disrespected courts rather it was PTI chief Imran Khan who “insulted” courts and the election commission umpteenth times.

Hashmi insisted that his speech was of 14 minutes while a few seconds dialogue of the speech was shown on the media. He said that he has requested to the apex court to relay his whole 14-minute speech before drawing any conclusion or handing out a decision.

“The court cannot dispense the case without hearing me. I myself have worked for 30 years as a pleader. I and my family members faced jail during the movement for the restoration the judiciary. My life is replete with respect for the judiciary,” Hashmi said in an emotional tone.

He alleged that a certain force wanted a confrontation between institutions and want political stability in the country. He asked the media to desist from playing the video repeatedly.

While appearing before the court, Nehal insisted that the court played his whole 14-minute speech, which he submitted in a USB, contending that in the speech he has said that conspirators existed in every department. Justice Ejaz Afzal replied that there was no need to play the whole video.

He told the court that his speech was presented out of context to ruin his political career.

When Justice Ijazul Hassan asked him why did not file his reply, as he had been asked to do so, Hashmi replied that no lawyer was currently ready to take up his case and he was going to perform Umrah. He requested the court to hear the case after Eid, however, the court ordered him to submit his reply by June 16.

Hashmi, who is in hot water since his highly controversial and threatening video was leaked, on Monday did not make it to the Senate to verify his resignation.

Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani had called Hashmi to appear before him in person to ascertain that he has resigned under no duress. Hashmi had dispatched his resignation letter to the Senate chairman through his counsel. Raza Rabbani after receiving the letter commented that he (Hashmi) will appear before Senate in the next three to four days.