CPEC not responsible for Pakistan’s economic woes, says China


XUZHOU, Oct 23 (TNS): Worried over the ‘anti-CPEC’ campaign in Pakistan, China says the all-important international connectivity project is not to be blamed for the ongoing economic crisis in Islamabad.

“Loan repayments for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects will start in the financial year 2023-24 when economic growth rate of Pakistan will be much higher than present (and then country will be in a better position to bear the financial liabilities),” Prof Sun Hongqi told a conference on CPEC here on Monday.

Prof Sun – who is adviser to the President on Pakistan Affairs – sought to negate the impression being spread by anti-CPEC campaigners that only Beijing will benefit from the regional connectivity projects.

“What will China gain from energy projects given priority in the first phase of CPEC as per desire of Islamabad other than helping our all-weather friend to overcome the electricity deficiency badly hitting its economy,” asked the scholar who also heads the Pakistan Study Centre at Jiangsu Normal University.