Daesh Khorasan Emir killed in US strike in Afghanistan


Washington, July 15 (TNS): United States claimed that it forces have killed Daesh (ISIS) top leader in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon in statement confirmed death of Abu Sayed, top commander of Daesh-Khorasan, the group’s Afghanistan chapter in US forces action.

“The “Emir” of Daesh was killed “in a raid on the international terror organization headquarters in Kunar Province of Afghanistan near Pakistan border on July 11,” Pentagon spokesperson said in a statement.

Abu Sayed was killed in an airstrike by a US drone, the Pentagon said.

James Mattis, US Secretary of Defence, told the media persons that the death of  Sayed is clearly a triumph in terms of setting them back.

On other hand, Gen. John Nicholson, Commander, US Forces in war-torn country stated that the operation was another achievement in campaign to defeat Daesh in Afghanistan.

He went on to say that Abu Sayed was third emir of Daesh of Afghanistan chapter US forces killed in Afghanistan added that there is no more safe haven for this terror group in Afghanistan.”

Hafiz Sayed Khan, Daesh Emir in Afghanistan had been targeted in July last year and his successor Abdul Hasib was killed during a joint US-Afghan raid in April this year.