Dasti Claims Police Wanted to Kill Him in Fake Encounter 


MUZAFFARGARH, July 4 (TNS): Member National Assembly Jamshed Dasti on Tuesday claimed that Punjab police had wanted to kill him in fake encounter, saying that the court saved him from government’s barbarism.

Talking to media after reaching his native area in Muzaffargarh, Dasti said that his only fault was the tearing up of the copies of the budget and raising slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’  in presence of Nawaz Shairf in the National Assembly.

He added that he was subjected to inhuman torture in jail and even snakes and scorpions were unleashed in his barrack where he was kept in the jail.

He added that his bail proved that the judiciary was not subservient of any thief.He thanked the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court for taking notice of his case.

He added that his party would make seat adjustment with PTI in next elections. He added that he would join hands with PTI chief Imran Khan in future and would gather anti-Nawaz forces including PML-Q, PTI and other parties.

It is to be mentioned here that Dasti was released by an Anti-Terrorism Court on bail yesterday in a case relating to inflammatory speech. He way back home, Dasti was received by a large number of cheering supporters at Chenab bridge.