DC West reviews offal collection arrangements



KARACHI, Aug. 25 (TNS):  A meeting held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner (DC) West Shadia Jaffer reviewed arrangements for the implementation of code of conducts for collection of offal of sacrificial animals on Eidul Azha.

The meeting was attended by the officials of the Police, Pakistan Rangers and others. Representatives of the religious and social organisations, madaris.

The DC said that the district administration should ensure that the organisations concerned engaged in the collection of offal of sacrificial animals fully implement the code of conduct.

DC Shadia Jaffer further said that donating offal of the sacrificial animals was the right of those offering the sacrifices such animals. She asked concerned and personnel of law enforcement agencies (LEAs that this must be ensured that such a right is not violated by anyone. All organizations those want to collect the hides will require written permission in advance from the city administration or deputy commissioners concerned. For the collection of the offal of sacrificial animals use of loudspeakers for this purpose would not be allowed.

There would be a ban on carrying weapons, ‘lathi’ would not be allowed during the three days of Eidul Azha. Door to door collection of skins is prohibited and would not be allowed according to the code of conducts, she added.

The meeting decided that special arrangements would be made for the cleanliness of the mosques, Imambarghas, Eidgahs and open places where the Eidul Azha prayer would be offered in the metropolis. The people can lodge complaints, if any, on phone number 02199205634 and 02199203443 at the Control Room of the Commissioner’s Office.