DC West set up heatstroke camps in several areas of district West


KARACHI: Sep. 23 (TNS): Deputy Commissioner (DC) West Ms. Shadia Jaffer set up heatstroke camps in several areas of District West on Sunday to provide timely first-aid to people who got struck by persisting heat-wave.

DC set up heatstroke camps near Hafza Flyover, Fish Harbour, Maripur and Orangi Town.

The camps were equipped with all necessary equipment, medicines and other facilities including ORS sachets, cold potable water and beds etc.

The medical practitioners, who were seen performing doing duties enthusiastically at the camps, said there was no fixed time frame for the camps. Understandably, the camps would continue to function till weather turned pleasant said a statment.

Many elderly and young men and children visited the camps and received first-aid or expert advice from doctors and volunteers.