Degrading Pakistan hurts US fight against militants: PM Abbasi


Islamabad, Sept 13 (TNS): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi warned that the US would be degrading its own capabilities to fight terrorism if it degraded Pakistan’s military strength.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi made the comments Tuesday in a roundtable discussion with foreign journalists before he leaves for the United States on Saturday.

Prime Minister said Pakistan-US relationship cannot be defined on the basis of Afghan issue.

In an interaction with foreign media persons in Islamabad on Tuesday evening, he said Pakistan supports peace and stability in Afghanistan more than any other country in the region.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has done more than its part in fight against terrorism.

He said Pakistan has successfully countered the terrorism along Pak-Afghan border.

When you “degrade an ally’s strength, you degrade your own,” Abbasi said. He was responding to a question on how Washington might punish Pakistan, after a speech by Trump on Aug. 21. Abbasi did not say if Washington had threatened any specific punishments.

During meeting, Abbasi insisted that Pakistan had “taken on terrorism and we have defeated terrorism.” Abbasi said Pakistan does not provide sanctuary for militants.

“We are open to bilateral verification,” he said. He also raised the possibility of joint patrols with Afghanistan. Abbasi did not offer specific details. “We leave the details to an operational level,” he said.

On economy situation of the country, Abbasi said that he “did not foresee an IMF program in the future.”